My style

Welcome! I'm so excited you stopped by! Let me tell you a little bit about my style of photography. 

I have always loved capturing life's beautiful moments. You know that saying "as pretty as a picture"? Well I see that in many everyday things. I love capturing every tiny detail and taking a step back to see it all. My main love is lifestyle photography.


From the love and excitement that engagement brings to all the tiny details of your special wedding day. I LOVE it. I love capturing your first moments of and newly married couple and how my cheeks hurt from smiling so much throughout your big day.  


Oh and the babies!! The sweet smell and those first days at home. I live to capture a new mama and dad loving up on their precious new bundle. 

Families?!?! I try to make my family sessions a fun experience. I love watching families interact together and capturing the real joy of little ones playing. The smiles on their parent's faces, always beaming with love and pride, are priceless!

I would love to capture life's beautiful moments for you.