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About Me

Hi Ya'll, I'm April and I love what I do. I specialize in newborn, wedding, and family photography. I love capturing life's beautiful everyday moments.


 Most importantly, I'm a mama. I have five beautiful kiddos who are my world and often drive my husband and I crazy. Oh and my hubby, we are high school sweet hearts who have been married for 11 years. Life is a beautiful mess for us and I love capturing the beauty in the everyday moments.

I was a learning support teacher for 5 years before I resigned to stay home and care for my two little boys. My one son was diagnosed with Autism and needed me to be there for him full time. Although life can be challenging with a child on the spectrum, my blessing far outweigh any hard moments. 

Having 5 children, especially with 1 on the Autism Spectrum, has taught me a great deal. It has given me a wealth of understanding of children who may have sensory processing issues or who, perhaps, are just a little shy. It has granted me patience I may not have otherwise had. I am so truly thankful for that and I believe it to be very beneficial when working to capture those timeless beautiful photos of your young children. 

I have always loved photography. I can remember spending countless hours flipping through my mom's photo albums, asking questions about each photograph. I loved the stories behind each picture and I think that's what draws me to lifestyle and natural photography. I love that behind each beautifully captured picture there is a story to be told.


That is what I strive to accomplish during each of my photo sessions. I want each person, couple, or family to have a story to tell. A story that each photo captures. I would love to capture life's beautiful moments for you.

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April Bonham Photography

85 Tripp Road 

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(570) 204-4449

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